Sunday, October 6, 2013

old stuff I forgot to post

Visual Metaphor research for Illy 3


I must identify the target / source / ground / tension / what it conveys / and the relationship

target-elephant / source-brass / ground-loud / tension-brass in man-made / nature is incredibly artistic / fusion

target-windmills / source-butterflies / ground-both rely on air / tension-windmills are man-made / shows how man-made objects work with nature / replacement

target-head / source-volcano / ground-both have things going on inside them / tension-person is a living thing / conveys inner turmoil / fusion

target-cigarette / source-bandaid / ground-temporary relief / tension-cigarrettes are bad for you and bandaids help you / cigarettes provide only temporary relief / juxtaposition

target-brain / source-work and play /  ground-everyday thoughts / tension-where you are compared to where your mind is / its important to use both left and right sides of the brain / juxtaposition

target-skull / source-drugs / ground-they manipulate people / tension-how people naturally are compared to how they are manipulated to be / drugs can make us into something we're not / juxtaposition

target- health sign / source- repair guy / ground - the "brokenness" of the symbol relates the two / tension - the health care system is supposed to "fix" people / the thing that fixes people is broken / juxtaposition

target-ancient carvings / source-pacman / ground - both are "old" / tension-two completely different kinds of old / these relics of technology should be treated better / replacement

target- shootout / source- cursor / ground - both can be used as weapons / tension - one is more passive aggressive than the other / people can use computers to inflict harm / replacement

target - healthcare bill / source- jeopardy wheel /  ground- both seem random and could have to do with huge amounts money / tension - in actuality the hospital bill is not random / hospital bills are incredibly unreasonable and seem really random / replacement

Saturday, October 5, 2013

gotta remember to update this thang

comics from the past couple weeks as well as Illustration 3 work. I've been experimenting with a bit of color.

 For these last couple pages, I digitally penciled and inked it traditionally. It's a new process, but I really enjoyed it, so more of that to come.